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edit the bloody da id with no pencil icon on a tablet? maybe I need the app idk. I like using the browser tbh.


The meme 'Socially Awkward Penguin' defines my personality.

Hey~ I'm just a new anime-loving, fanfic-obsessed peeper, the old owner of this dA is a good friend and let me keep it so I can fave stuff.~ She was the one who made all the art on here. And by art I mean the drawings. The fanfics you see were written by me.

(Psst! You can find her :iconwicked-artwork: here!)

So, don't expect art of any sort to be uploaded to this account. I basically only use this deviantart to favorite things so I can save them. I rarely write anything nowadays unless I have the obsessive interest in the thing and the effort to write about it.

For animes I tend to love dubs more than subs, just because I don't want to read while watching something, lol.

Some of my most favorite animes are:

Ouran High School Host Club
Fruits Basket
Soul Eater
Baka Test (Or whatever it's real name is.)
Blue Exorcist

I don't usually read Mangas, unless I can find them online with somewhat clear to read pictures. Mainly the only one I've been reading is Pokemon Adventures - currently I'm on the Yellow chapter. ^^

I'm also a lover of otome games. They basically take up all of my time. Especially mystic messenger. Great game 12/10 would recommend.

Reader-Inserts Stamp by FearlessLullaby Don't get confused~ by PrincessFlaw Favorite Stamp by Ravechu


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KarenTakamiya Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
thank you for the bokuto koutarou fave!
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Thank you for the favourites!
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Thanks for the fav :XD:
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CelineDGD Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2015

Hellow there random deviant. :) *clicked the random deviant button* Just want to spread the love. :)

You are beautiful and worth it, no matter what people say. <3

Have a hug too. :hug:
Don't be afraid to pass this on if you want. :)

And have a nice day/evening/night. :3

Sincerely, CelineDGD
Happy Helper of the Happy-Squad

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Thank you for the faveHug 
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(sorry this is so late omg)
Thank you so much for the watch sweetheart!    :iconglompplz:
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Thank you so much for the fave! :D
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